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May 2016

IT Support Company Berkshire - Samsung

As a trusted IT support company Berkshire, PurpleJelly are dedicated to helping local businesses stay safe from security threats and keep their computers running at full efficiency without having to worry about computer issues. Computers, like all tools, have both benefits and risks, and can often cause harm if not properly used; the safe operation of computers, networks and mobile devices is something our team...

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IT Solutions Hampshire - Malware

The team at PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering intelligent IT solutions to the Hampshire and Surrey areas and ensuring that our clients are fully protected and operational. We specialise in a number of areas but know that the main concern for many businesses these days is that of security, which is why our IT solutions Hampshire team are always listening out for any issues that...

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Business IT Support Surrey - Cyber Security

PurpleJelly are dedicated to delivering effective business IT support to Surrey and our clients in the surrounding area, as well as helping to keep networks secure and defend against security issues. We understand how important sensitive data is to companies, and that it must be kept secure at all costs, which is why we’ve created a quick list of tips to help you safeguard your...

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Internet Connectivity Services Farnham

PurpleJelly are a Surrey-based IT solutions company that offers local businesses a range of support options including internet connectivity services, data backups, network security, and more. The rise of the internet over the past few decades has to lead to it becoming something of a necessity for individuals and businesses alike, so when signal drops out or your connection is lagging, then there can be...

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IT Support Woking - Error Message

PurpleJelly are a hardworking local tech company offering IT support to Woking and the surrounding area including valuable services such as data backup, email security and improved internet connectivity. We’re proud to be able to offer fast IT solutions to our customers, and always keep up with the latest goings-on when it comes to tech and security so that we can help protect our clients...

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