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December 2016

PurpleJelly Business IT Support in Farnham - Data Storage

Here at Purple Jelly IT solutions Farnborough, we recognise that password managers are valuable tools in a business environment. Most password managers work in a similar way. You set up an account, chose a strong master passwords and the password manager will store your information. The criteria we will be using to judge the quality of the software is commitment to security, user experience, functionality...

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Is Google on Our Side - PurpleJelly IT Support Hampshire

Here at PurpleJelly IT support Aldershot, one of our main priorities is protecting data. Online security is important to every company, however the government has been requesting information from Google for years, without the right to refuse or even notify the individual being inspected. Our IT support Aldershot team decided to investigate, and on Tuesday, Google started publishing some of it’s “gag orders” (an order...

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PurpleJelly IT Support Surrey - Internet of Things

Here at PurpleJelly, specialising in IT support services Surrey, we have been very curious as to what the internet of things means for the future of business. Many companies, of huge variety, are already benefitting from small scale projects such as “smart” conference rooms, advanced factory automation and futuristic coffee machines. Our IT support services Surrey team are intrigued as to what this can mean...

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