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Ian Daynes

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My Skills & Expertise

Ever since he can remember Ian has been tinkering with computers. In the early 90s he was lucky enough to have access to an old BBC Micro at school and a reference book which he used to teach himself the basics of programming. After discovering that he could create an infinite loop to plaster uncivilized text all over the screen he was hooked. Within weeks he had developed his own text-based adventure game which was an instant hit with the other two nerds at his school. The game to this day still exists and is stored in a secure location on a 5.25 inch floppy disk, complete with original artwork on the sleeve.

In late 1993 his parents purchased an Apricot Computer with an i486DX2-66 processor. It was through breaking the installation of Windows 3.11 that in a frenzied panic Ian had to learn quickly how to rebuild a computer. Soon after the rebuild incident, he first laid eyes on After Dark’s Flying Toasters screen saver. In desperation to create something similar he managed to obtain a copy of Visual Basic. This eventually led to the development of an Inventory Management System which he sold to a local logistics company in 1994 for the tidy sum of £200. Much of the rest of the 90s were spent playing Doom 2 and visiting bulletin boards, then later the early internet via Netscape Navigator.

During the early to mid 2000s Ian took a break from all things geek to pursue a career in sculpture; which failed. Following this Ian moved to London to take his chances on a career in the music industry. This also failed but not before he made a cup of tea for Billy Ocean. Billy takes his tea with honey, not sugar.

Returning to the nerd scene in 2008 Ian landed a role in Client Services for a bespoke web development company in London. His role soon spilled over into the web development side of things as he quickly picked up skills in HTMLCSSPHPMySQL and Javascript. Clients were predominantly national and international governing bodies in the sport industry. Part of his role also incorporated editing and encoding the video of sports events for online streaming. Ian still enjoys editing video.

Having had enough of London Ian decided that it was time to return to a more tranquil life in The Shire. Willing to take almost any job available he ended up installing petrol station back office systems and training users to operate both the tills and the back-end software. In addition to this, the small company that he worked for also provided IT Support to several local businesses. It was in this capacity that Ian learned the basics of network administrationserver backupsMicrosoft Exchange and Active Directory.

In 2013 Ian started work at PurpleJelly where he has continued to develop and build new skills in Server VirtualizationOffice 365Group PolicyAzureRouting and VOIP Technologies. He continues to develop websites and has built sites for a handful of customers as well as PurpleJelly’s own site. His current preferred hosting environment is a LEMP stack using MariaDB as a drop-in replacement for MySQL.

In his spare time, Ian enjoys producing music in his home studio, listening to Alan Watts lectures in the bath and pondering the nature of reality with emphasis on the multi-dimensional characteristic of space-time proposed by superstring theory.


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