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Liam Wright

Technical Engineer

2nd Line IT Support Engineer

Linux Expert

Data Recovery Expert

Dead Pan Comedian

Self Proclaimed DIY Master

Networking Security Advocate

Active Directory Master

Connection and Connectivity Guru

Obscure Operating Systems Guru

BIOS Flasher

My Skills & Expertise

Liam was always destined for a future in computers. He was lucky enough that his parents had the foresight to enrol him into a touch typing course way ahead of the age of information technology, giving him an unfair advantage over the rest of the snail paced one finger warriors.
Fast forward ten years and he now has over five years experience in supporting information technology systems since completing an IT apprenticeship in 2014. This has included businesses in all areas and sizes, ranging from a single user to massive multi site companies, each relying on quick efficient solutions for issues small to business critical. These including Active directory, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 (including Exchange Hybrid), Cisco, SonicWall and various other firewalls.
Coming from a 3rdline position in another Managed Service Provider, he was exposed to many cyberattack outbreaks and thus became knowledgeable in cybersecurity to ensure that any cyberattacks, regardless of whether they resulted in data being compromised, were dealt with effectively and successfully. Also as part of this role, he was responsible for a lot of the training and knowledge sharing in the team. In his spare time he likes to do as much nothing as possible, including staying conscious.
As well as naps, other pastimes include eating (anything), hoarding (anything), and expanding his collection of frisbees. He doesn’t exercise much, but when he does it involves being dragged up a mountain covered in nearly frozen water, and falling back down it on a piece of laminated wood. The remaining free time is spent attempting to play the ol’ six string, and trying to convince his ever spiteful cat to love him back.

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