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Click on one of the below links to download our remote support tool. Once downloaded, run the application and tell us your Partner ID and password to initiate a support session.

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Mel Malbon

General Administration
Business IT Support Surrey and Hampshire - Mel - About Me

My Skills & Expertise

Mel works on the administrative side of PurpleJelly ensuring all of our support plan paperwork is up to date. She’s great at keeping us all in line and will put together (the many) corporate events aka Curry and Beer nights.
Away from the office Mel is the human to Tess the beagle. Along with Beagles she has an infatuation with horses and chocolate and can often be found hacking over the local forests on a friends horse whilst eating bars of chocolate.

General Administration

Team organisation

Contracts enforcer

Adam Ant Fan

Keeps Paul from Getting Out of Hand

Horse Rider

Admirer of old Architechture

Lover of Beagles

Probably better at building sheds than Paul

Yoga Grand Master


Chai Teas Consumed


Events Organised


Satisfied Customers


Contracts Renewed

PurpleJelly IT Support – Providing IT Support to Farnham, Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire and the South East since 2007