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Paul Malbon

Business Owner & CTO
Business IT Support Surrey and Hampshire - Paul - About Me

Company Co-Founder

Project Leader

Customer Service Legend

Old Operating System Expert

Calm At Gunpoint

Technical Sales

3rd Line Technical Support

Product Development

Intermediate Table Football Substitute

Semi-Pro Shed Builder

My Skills & Expertise

Once the most technically gifted person in the IT Support team, Paul has slowly slipped away from his technical role and although he sometimes basks in the glory of resetting users passwords and running CCleaner to help with those slow computers, he is mainly the driving force behind the companies excellent growth and is likely to be the face that will meet any new prospective clients (please don’t be put off!)

Although fading away from the IT Support roles of PurpleJelly, and aside from the business growth elements of his day to day tasks, Paul takes a leading role in developing exciting new products and services that are designed to help our clients get more from their business and ensure they stay safe and secure. Anything from the latest network deployment using Windows Server 2019, Cloud technologies including things like VDI’s (Virtual Desktop Instances) and Email Security in partnership with Barracuda are most likely to be running on his development platforms than anything else.

On a more personal note, Paul is the second oldest person in the company, who believe it or not had a full head of dark hair up until 2015. His beard was introduced in 2017 as a balance when baldness became a reality and he decided a ‘clipped’ approach was the way to go.

Outside of the office, the passion is still football, although sadly can no longer keep up with the young whipper snappers on a Saturday afternoon and so takes more of an interest in supporting his local boyhood club in the Ghetto’s of Aldershot. It’s safe to say that he can’t wait to turn 50 in 5 years’ time to be able to play walking football with the other oldies mature people!

Although accepting that middle age is creeping up on him, he still likes to keep mentally young and in keeping with PurpleJelly’s Microsoft ethos, is an avid Microsoft Xbox gamer. If you listen to him, he is apparently really bad gaming online because of his internet connection, and nothing at all to do with just being bad…..!”


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