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PurpleJelly - Business IT Support Farnham - The Cloud

The Cloud is not by any means a spanking new piece of tech, however, for many businesses it is the start of an exciting new chapter. Put simply, The Cloud lowers business costs, improves data security, and boosts collaboration. As Henry Ford said: "If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would have said a faster horse." It is only now, as The...

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PurpleJelly - Artificial Intelligence in Office 365

Artificial Intelligence Hits Microsoft Office 365 (for Business)   As with many other companies, Microsoft has been keen to follow the key AI trends of 2018. As the year progresses, we are more likely to be subject to an augmented reality, meaning that our devices are smarter than ever before.   Microsoft’s Office 365 has recently been enhanced with AI, with the simple goal of helping subscribers to produce...

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PurpleJelly - IT Support Farnham - What to do if your server goes down

What to do when your server goes down   Technology is so intrinsic to our daily lives nowadays that when something goes wrong or stops it from working, we are sent into a state of panic.   This is particularly true within a business environment, where technology is often relied upon for the day-to-day running of a company and its services.   Servers are a particularly big deal in business as...

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Business IT Solutions in Berkshire

Cyber Security: How to protect yourself from a cyber attack According to the head of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) it is only a matter of time before a major cyber attack hits the UK.   Ciaran Martin told The Guardian newspaper that the UK had been fortunate to have not yet suffered a Category One attack that might cripple infrastructure, such as energy supplies, the financial...

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Business IT Solutions in Ascot

Happy New Year!   I’m sure it has been a happy new year for most of us, unless of course you are Intel, AMD or ARM (The worlds leading CPU manufacturers).   If you are not up to speed with your tech news, on 3rd January news was leaked that CPU’s (your computer or laptop’s brain) that have been supplied at any point within the last five years could...

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PurpleJelly Business IT Support in Farnham - Microsoft Office

Despite their popularity, sticky notes are rubbish. They get lost (and often thrown away) and they never stick to anything for very long. It’s impossible to remember anything when surrounded by a mess of disorganised coloured squares of paper. Most people have now turned to digital note taking, however with so many on the market it can be hard to differentiate the helpful from the...

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PurpleJelly Business IT Support in Farnham - iPhone Support

Here at Purplejelly IT solutions Surrey, we love keeping up to date with the latest technology. We’ve been hearing a lot about bendable phones, and it all seems very science fiction to us. However, these new developments in batteries might change all that… Batteries are getting smaller and smaller. Panasonic have produced a lithium ion flexible battery that is 0.45mm thick and able to bend and...

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Is Google on Our Side - PurpleJelly IT Support Hampshire

Here at PurpleJelly IT support Aldershot, one of our main priorities is protecting data. Online security is important to every company, however the government has been requesting information from Google for years, without the right to refuse or even notify the individual being inspected. Our IT support Aldershot team decided to investigate, and on Tuesday, Google started publishing some of it’s “gag orders” (an order...

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PurpleJelly IT Support Surrey - Internet of Things

Here at PurpleJelly, specialising in IT support services Surrey, we have been very curious as to what the internet of things means for the future of business. Many companies, of huge variety, are already benefitting from small scale projects such as “smart” conference rooms, advanced factory automation and futuristic coffee machines. Our IT support services Surrey team are intrigued as to what this can mean...

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