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Farnham IT support - Car Hacking

As a trusted IT support company Hampshire, PurpleJelly know the vital importance of security, and just how detrimental hacking can be for employees and customers alike. However, what happens when criminals go one step further and don’t just hack our computers, but the very cars that we’re driving? Industry leaders are aware of the risks, and are attempting to plan ahead in order to identify...

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Business IT Support in Farnham - Business Continuity Plans

PurpleJelly is a leading provider of IT support and business continuity services in Surrey and the surrounding area, and do our very best to keep our clients’ networks in good shape so that their businesses can keep on running the way they’re meant to. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from data backup and disaster recovery services, but some SMEs just don’t consider how vital...

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Business IT Support in Farnham - Adblocking

Local support team PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering practical IT solutions to businesses in the Hampshire and Surrey areas so that they can stay up and running without having to worry about downtime and potential loss of customers. Our IT solutions Hampshire team always keeping our ear to the ground for the latest news in the industry, especially regarding security, which is why the latest...

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Business IT Support in Farnham - Business Continuity

PurpleJelly offer local businesses intelligent IT solutions and assistance for companies in need of business continuity in Surrey. We know how important it is to you that things are kept running smoothly, and that any disruptions could cause a whole host of problems. The internet has become vital for businesses of all sizes, and any downtime can cost you money, which is why plans need...

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Business IT Support in Farnham - Windows 10

As a leading IT support company Berkshire, PurpleJelly are committed to assisting their clients with any security issues or troubleshooting their may require help with, including advice surrounding operating systems and potential upgrades. We’ve previously reported about Windows 10, and a number of its features and problems and true to form we thought we’d keep everyone in the loop about the latest Windows 10 news: subscriptions. Microsoft...

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IT Support Company Berkshire - Samsung

As a trusted IT support company Berkshire, PurpleJelly are dedicated to helping local businesses stay safe from security threats and keep their computers running at full efficiency without having to worry about computer issues. Computers, like all tools, have both benefits and risks, and can often cause harm if not properly used; the safe operation of computers, networks and mobile devices is something our team...

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Internet Connectivity Services Farnham

PurpleJelly are a Surrey-based IT solutions company that offers local businesses a range of support options including internet connectivity services, data backups, network security, and more. The rise of the internet over the past few decades has to lead to it becoming something of a necessity for individuals and businesses alike, so when signal drops out or your connection is lagging, then there can be...

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IT Support Woking - Error Message

PurpleJelly are a hardworking local tech company offering IT support to Woking and the surrounding area including valuable services such as data backup, email security and improved internet connectivity. We’re proud to be able to offer fast IT solutions to our customers, and always keep up with the latest goings-on when it comes to tech and security so that we can help protect our clients...

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IT Support Company Hampshire - Blue Screen

As a leading Hampshire IT support company, PurpleJelly are here to assist you with all your business computer woes and network mishaps. As experts in their field, our professional team are always sure to keep up to date with the latest support issues and operating system updates so that we can best assist our clients when any problems occur. We’ve already told you about how...

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Business IT Support Surrey - Computer Crashing

PurpleJelly are committed to delivering efficient business IT support to Surrey and the surrounding area; not only that, but we’re always hot on the heels of the latest news, updates, and interest pieces surrounding software and technology in the news. The latest tech tidbit to catch our interest this week are people with names who break computers! We all know the frustration of mistyping our names into...

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