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Tech News

At PurpleJelly, a leading IT support Surrey based company, we make it our business to know about how the roles tech provides in our clients’ lives so we can continue to deliver top quality service and support tailored to suit their every need. With more users utilising online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, it has been suggested that soon the Internet will take over from conventional TV...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Block Ads

At a leading IT support services Surrey based company such as PurpleJelly, we are as dedicated to keeping our clients safe and secure online as we are to providing first class IT support to local businesses in the Surrey and Hampshire area. We therefore make sure to keep up with the latest news concerning online security. Even if you’ve since sought shelter with the appropriate blocking...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Digital Marketing

As an IT solutions Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire company, PurpleJelly want to ensure that our customers have the best online security possible. Now 2016 is well on its way; we thought we’d take a look at the lessons learnt from 2015 concerning web security and the little things you can do to keep your content safe. Each year SplashData, a leading provider of security applications and services, publishes...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Camera

As a prominent local provider of intelligent IT solutions in Farnham, the team here at PurpleJelly are always keeping up with the latest tech news in the industry so that we can pass along this information to our customers! Something we’re always really excited about is the advancement of technology, and the greater integration between technology and our daily lives, whether for work or entertainment...

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Business IT Support Berkshire - Wifi

At IT support Surrey company PurpleJelly, we always endeavour to deliver first class IT support to local businesses in Surrey and Hampshire and aim to keep up to date with the latest tech news so we can pass this information along to our loyal customers. We’ve already spoken about the threat to public WiFi in Paris (which you can read about here) but it seems...

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Business IT Support Berkshire

As business IT support Surrey specialists, PurpleJelly are always looking to keep up to date with any tech news, especially so if it’s of interest to our customers. Since the internet has become such an integral part of daily life for many people, it’s not surprising that many businesses offer free wifi (not only cafes but even buses and taxis can offer the service!) for...

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Business IT Support Basingstoke, Hampshire

As a leading provider of IT support Farnham, ensuring that our customers’ computers are running smoothly and efficiently is one of the top priorities to our team here at PurpleJelly. With Christmas fast approaching and the decoration of homes and places of business about to begin, we thought it would be a good idea to warn our customers of the potential negative effects that decorations...

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Business IT Support Aldershot, Hampshire

Being one of the leading providers of IT support Hampshire, here at PurpleJelly we like to keep up with the latest news in the IT and data world, so that we can pass this valuable information on to our loyal customers. As an IT support company, we are of course very interested in the future of the industry, which is looking stronger than ever due...

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Business IT Support Farnham, Surrey

  At Purple Jelly, we’re specialists in providing proactive IT support Surrey to a wide range of businesses. For most businesses a strong online presence, with suited IT support is crucial. It is the backbone to being able to perform sales transactions efficiently online, especially if you’re a company like Amazon. As one of the biggest internet-based retailers in the world and the largest in America, Amazon delivers...

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Business IT Support Guildford, Surrey

Here at PurpleJelly, we’re dedicated to offering quick, simple and effective IT support Surrey to our customers and ensuring their technological safety. We take matters of security and personal information very seriously and endeavour to keep our customers up to date with technological news, especially that relating to data leaks and hacks. After a large data breach at TalkTalk not long ago, the Marks and Spencer...

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