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Click on one of the below links to download our remote support tool. Once downloaded, run the application and tell us your Partner ID and password to initiate a support session.

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PJ People

Simon Wheatley

Company Co-Founder

Simon is the co-founder of PurpleJelly, developing the business in 2007. Simon’s background is from the corporate world and is tagged with the financial side of things.

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Business IT Support Farnham - Simon - About Us
Business IT Support Farnham - Paul - About Us

Paul Malbon

Company Co-Founder

Paul founded PurpleJelly with business partner Simon Wheatley in 2007 and comes from a technical background, having worked IT since the early 90’s.

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Josh Bleach

Client Account Manager

Josh has been at PurpleJelly since March 2014 and has seen his role change and expand into our Client Account Manager and ensures that everyone has everything they need and are very happy with it.

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Business IT Support Farnham - Josh - About Us
Business IT Support Farnham - Mel - About Us

Mel Malbon

General Administration

Mel works on the administrative side of PurpleJelly ensuring all of our support plan paperwork is up to date.

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Pippa Wheatley


Pippa looks after the client’s accounts whether its invoices, statements or the dreaded credit control. But to be honest most of the time she is drinking copious amounts of tea chasing the engineers for their call sheets!

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Business IT Support Farnham - Pippa - About Us
Business IT Support Farnham - Jordan - About Us

Jordan Bailey

3rd Line Support and Deployment Engineer

Jordan is one of our senior technicians here at PurpleJelly and is likely to be on hand for large deployments and audits. He’ll be the one who lauds over any Linux deployments and revels in all things geek.

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Jack Vince

Email Security and Support Technician

Jack has been with the PJ since February 2018. He comes from a corporate IT background, after working within IT support for a US based pharmaceutical giant. Since joining PurpleJelly he has rapidly increased his skill set and now heads up our email security solutions.

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Business IT Support Farnham - Jack - About Us
Business IT Support Farnham - Matt - About Us

Matt Anderson

IT Support and Deployment Technician

Matt has been with PurpleJelly since July 2018. Having previously worked at a school with 1600 pupils for 5 years, he has now broadened his knowledge and supports all critical infrastructure equipment and services.

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Liam Wright

IT Support and Deployment Technician

Liam is the newest member of the team having joined the ranks in January 2019. He is a self-professed superior to all the one fingered keyboard warriors and loves a challenge or three.

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Business IT Support Farnham - Liam - About Us
Business IT Support Farnham - Adrian - About Us

Adrian Wyatt

IT Support Technician

Adrian is the youngest member of the support team and came to the business with a fresh-faced outlook on the world of IT support. He is rapidly increasing his knowledge base on a daily basis and continually beats Jack at table football.

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