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Business IT Support Surrey: Top Cyber Security Tips

Business IT Support Surrey - Cyber Security

Business IT Support Surrey: Top Cyber Security Tips

PurpleJelly are dedicated to delivering effective business IT support to Surrey and our clients in the surrounding area, as well as helping to keep networks secure and defend against security issues. We understand how important sensitive data is to companies, and that it must be kept secure at all costs, which is why we’ve created a quick list of tips to help you safeguard your network from possible threats.

Strengthen Weak Links

All it takes is one weak link to break the chains safeguarding your data – and that could come in the form of an employee’s easily-cracked passwords! Ensure that your team regularly changes their passwords, that they choose something with both letters and numbers, and not something easily guessed like ‘password’! Also discourage them from writing their passwords down, especially on post-its stuck to the monitor!

Updates are Everything

It’s vital that your machines are equipped with an effective antivirus and accompanying firewalls, and that these are kept up to date. New threats and malware are always emerging, and making sure that your company network is protected against them is a must!

Keep Track of Permissions

Log exactly who has access to what on your company network. If important information is compromised or something else goes wrong, then you can find more easily find out who’s responsible if you know exactly who had access to the information. Keeping a minimum amount of people able to access this data also decreases the risk of it getting accidentally leaked to begin with, too.

Safeguard Your Data

You never know what the future may bring, so remember to always backup important data. Network problems and even the possibility of hacking and ransomware mean that vital information can be lost in the blink of an eye! Prevent all negative fallout from a disaster like this by creating backups on physical hard drives or by using a cloud service (or perhaps both!).

PurpleJelly are a leading business IT support Surrey company, trusted by many local companies to help keep their data secure and computers running smoothly. If you’re in needs of our IT experts or could use some intelligent solutions to your computer problems then contact us today by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected] and our team will be able to guide you through our services.

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