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Business IT Support Surrey – Internet Explorer Users At Risk

Business IT Support Surrey - Internet Explorer

Business IT Support Surrey – Internet Explorer Users At Risk

PurpleJelly prides itself in being a top business IT support Surrey based company and therefore our expert team are committed to making sure our clients can get the most of out of their technology. This includes keeping watch for any threats they might face that could hamper their use of IT and therefore lose them precious time and business. We make sure to keep up with IT news so we can relay anything relevant to you, and this time we’ve spotted a recent announcement about the browser Internet Explorer.

It has been estimated that Internet Explorer accounts for fifty seven percent of all web browsing and that 340 million users of Internet Explorer are not using the most current version. That is approximate forty five percent of all users. This could prove dangerous for them because Microsoft has just withdrawn all support for older versions of I.E. Only Internet Explorer 11 and Edge now receives any technical support and security, the commonly used older versions such as eight, nine and ten, no longer have this backing.

Online security experts have called the web browser a “hot potato” – you’d want to drop it as soon as possible. With no updates, patches, fixes, new versions and support options, older versions of Internet Explorer have become insecure means of browsing the web. Experts, such as Craig Young, a researcher at security firm Tripware stated “It is safe to assume that cybercriminals have been stockpiling IE vulnerability information ahead of the support cut-off”. Microsoft gave plenty of warning that this change was coming. As early as August 2014, they announced the changes. Whilst this gave people plenty of time to switch it also gave cyber-criminals plenty of time to prepare.

Microsoft hoped these early warnings would give existing users plenty of time to upgrade, therefore keeping their browser’s userbase. However some believe it has had the opposite effect, drawing users to rival browsers such as Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

If you wish to use your IT with safety and security, local business IT support Surrey based business PurpleJelly offer a range of IT support services in the Hampshire and Surrey area. We are dedicated to keeping your computer and networks safe. So if you want smart IT solutions and want to know how we could help you today, why not contact our professional and friendly team today by calling 01252 856 230 or by emailing [email protected]. We’d be delighted to take any enquiries you may have about our business IT support Surrey based services!

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