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How Can Password Managers Help Store Sensitive Data?

PurpleJelly Business IT Support in Farnham - Data Storage

How Can Password Managers Help Store Sensitive Data?

Here at Purple Jelly IT solutions Farnborough, we recognise that password managers are valuable tools in a business environment. Most password managers work in a similar way. You set up an account, chose a strong master passwords and the password manager will store your information. The criteria we will be using to judge the quality of the software is commitment to security, user experience, functionality and price.

1Password (from Canada) is one of the most popular password managers available. With it’s extremely attractive user interface and relatively cheap pricing, it’s success is unparalleled. 1Password stores all kinds of user information, including passwords, bank details and loyalty schemes. It also comes with an “audit” function, designed to identify weak passwords. A password generator then replaces them with stronger passwords. The master password is end-to-end encrypted and isn’t stored anywhere. Even 1Password can’t access it. The company also open sources its encryption, leaving it open to peer review. For a single account it costs £2.35 a month.

A slightly more widely used password manager is LastPass. It is cross platform, meaning it works on apple, windows and linux, as well as the major browsers. Unfortunately, a security breach in 2015 (allowing the hackers to have access to email addresses, master passwords and hints) has caused a lack of trust in LastPass. Like 1Password, LastPass does not have access to it’s users master passwords as they are never sent to the server and everything is end-to-end encrypted. The company’s CEO, Joe Siegrist, stated “we are confident that our encryption measures are sufficient to protect the vast majority of users”. The service is free for unlimited devices, with a premium version available for £9.50.

Dashlane, much like LastPass, is cross platform and has a professional clean interface. It has many automated functions that separate it from other password managers, including the automatic creation of passwords and the ability to reset all passwords at once. Dashlane stores data in the cloud with AWS, but you can choose for the data to stay on local devices (however this sacrifices the cross platform function).

Purple Jelly IT solutions Farnborough understand concerns around online ‘safety’, which is why we offer the very best IT solutions and support in Surrey. Although we have listed three password managers, there are other ways to stay safe and secure sensitive data online, and we always recommend doing your research before committing to anything. If you would like to know more about IT solutions Farnborough, or if you have any questions give us a call at 01252 856 230, or email our friendly team at [email protected]


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