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IT Solutions Hampshire: Even Amazon Isn’t Safe from Malware

IT Solutions Hampshire - Malware

IT Solutions Hampshire: Even Amazon Isn’t Safe from Malware

The team at PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering intelligent IT solutions to the Hampshire and Surrey areas and ensuring that our clients are fully protected and operational. We specialise in a number of areas but know that the main concern for many businesses these days is that of security, which is why our IT solutions Hampshire team are always listening out for any issues that could affect our clients, like malware being found in electronics from trusted distributors.

With technology becoming an increasingly integral part of our lives, and more and more of our data being stored on computers, online, and in the cloud, it’s no wonder that our IT solutions Hampshire and Surrey team have also seen a rise in hacking, phishing and malware attacks over the years. Businesses are under almost constant attacks in the present day, and even normal consumers aren’t safe; we all know the importance of keeping our antivirus up to date, and of being careful with our sensitive information. But what happens when cybercriminals sneak in through the back door, through somewhere we thought we could trust?

Trust can be an important factor in purchase decision, and many consumers are more likely to be less on guard when buying technology and software from what they perceive as a reputable source, like Amazon. Unfortunately, it seems that firms as large and as well organised as the e-commerce giant can still succumb to security issues, and have found to be selling products that contain malware.

One internet blogger was merely looking for a good deal on outdoor surveillance equipment, and like many would do, stopped off at Amazon and made a purchase. However, the customer got more than they bargained for when the camera arrived, and after running into some initial problems during set up, they decided to take a deeper look into the developer tools, and found a rather suspicious link. The link in question directs to a known malware site, which only a handful of users seem to know.

Luckily, the site seems to have been taken over by CERT PL and should be now unable to do any harm, but the fact that a link to malware has managed to find its way into a product that can be sold by a trusted site onto customers is alarming, though seeing as the incident happened in America, we might possibly have less to worry about over in Europe and the UK.

PurpleJelly are able to offer a wide variety of IT solutions to clients in Hampshire and Surrey, and our team is always hard at work worrying about your IT requirements so you don’t have to! If your businesses is in need of email security, internet connectivity services, network installation or one of our other services, then contact us today to discuss your options! Simply email us at [email protected] or call our team at 01252 856 230, and we’ll guide you through what we do!

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