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Hacking in the Home

Business IT Support in Farnborough - Hacking

Hacking in the Home

Here at Purple Jelly IT Solutions Hampshire, we like to keep up to date with ways in which you are vulnerable to hacking and cyber attacks. When most people think about hacking, they think of their bank accounts being raided or identities stolen, and while it’s exciting to experiment with devices such as smart watches, smart thermostats and even smart lightbulbs, they are the primary focus of modern day hackers.

The threat we experience from modern hacking is no longer about information, instead it is far more scary. More and more everyday objects are becoming computers, and there is no such thing as a computer that cannot be hacked. Can you control your heating with your phone? Most household smart technology has very limited (if any) defences against hackers. This basically means that your heater could be the unlocked back door of your homes WiFi and everything connected to it, leaving you completely open to attack.

This is only one example of technology that you should think twice about. Anything from personal training wristbands that broadcast your movements, to factory equipment that can be used to attack workers. These kinds of computers are very rarely protected against these threats. One daunting example of this kind of hacking was in 2015 in America, when hackers remotely set a Jeep Cherokee down a highway at 110Kph. Modern automobiles contain hundreds of microchips, all of which can be hacked. These microchips can control all aspects, including; airbags, locks and windscreen wipers.

These kinds of hacks are not just domestic threats, they can also take place on a much larger scale. A computer security researcher was detained by the FBI when he claimed he had accessed data from an airplane mid-flight, while seated on the plane. When questioned, he explained that he simply plugged his laptop into an available port under his seat, bypassing the inflight entertainment and accessing the flight management system.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom. A large number of professional hackers are employed by big companies to find holes in their security systems, so we are not completely in the dark about how to protect ourselves from up and coming threats.

Here at Purple Jelly, we are leading the way with IT solutions Hampshire, and are happy to help with any IT issues you may need. If you have any questions about hacking, security, or any other service we provide, drop us an email at [email protected] or give us a call and have a chat with one of our friendly team 01252 856 230.

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