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IT Support Farnborough and Beyond: American Hospitals Facing Malware Attacks

IT Support Farnborough and Beyond: American Hospitals Facing Malware Attacks

The team here at PurpleJelly are proud to be able to offer some of the best IT support in Farnborough, Hampshire and Surrey. As leading IT professionals, our expert team are dedicated to keeping our clients’ systems safe from outside threats, so that their business can continue to run the way it should. We’re always keeping an eye out for security issues so we know what to look out for, and something hitting the headlines recently are the system attacks against healthcare providers in the USA.

We’ve previously reported on the benefits of improved connectivity and wifi access in the healthcare sector but what about the flip-side to this? When it comes to computers and their networks, there will always be weaknesses in them, ones that hackers and thieves will seek to exploit, such as with the rash of ransomware that America is seeing.

In the last two months, two US healthcare organisations have had their networks compromised by ransomware, which is a type of virus that encrypts all data on a network, and charges a sum of money to restore it. The virus often even locates and encrypts backup data that could be used to restore systems without having to pay the fee. Of course, when it comes to healthcare, data is invaluable and some firms end up paying the ransom simply because it is the ‘quickest and most efficient way’ to regain their data and restore their network.

Following this, the most recent attack has been seen by MedStar Health, who had to go back to paper transactions after malware attacked their system. Medstar have not yet confirmed if the attack they suffered was ransomware, but did comment that certain users were unable to log into their system, which the company decided to shut down entirely to prevent the malware from spreading. Medstar also maintain that no data has been compromised, though it is perhaps too early to tell what damage has been suffered. Meanwhile, the FBI has become involved and are looking into the attack to determine whether it is indeed another case of ransomware to hit the american health sector.

PurpleJelly offer a range of IT support services to businesses in Farnborough and the surrounding area, including network and email security. If you or your company require intelligent IT solutions and are curious to know how our team could help you, why not contact us today by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected]; we’d be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

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