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IT Support Guildford: Cyber Thieves poised for Black Friday and Christmas ‘Deals’

Business IT Support Alton, Hampshire

IT Support Guildford: Cyber Thieves poised for Black Friday and Christmas ‘Deals’

Being a leading provider of IT support Guildford, security is top priority for us here at PurpleJelly; our expert team is dedicated to keeping your business’ computers running smoothly and preventing any embarrassing security leaks that could lead to loss of client trust. With the run up to the holiday season on the horizon, we’re taking this opportunity to warn everyone about the increased risk posed by cyber thieves this year.

Black Friday and holiday deals are slowly being introduced in order to entice shoppers to buy more both in store and online, but it’s not just customers who are being tempted this season, but cyber thieves! Experts (including those, like us, that provide IT support Guildford, London, and beyond) believe that online fraud attempts are set to almost double compared to last year’s peak shopping period’s figures, and a significant spike in hacking attempts has been observed in the past 3 months alone.

Businesses expect to see some of their highest traffic online and sales numbers during the black Friday weekend (which marks the start of the American Thanksgiving holiday) and the following run up to Christmas and it’s this increase in numbers that proves simply too much for hackers to resist. High volumes of traffic allow illicit activity such as fraudulent orders, or outright hacking to remain undetected for greater lengths of time than usual. Also, the loss of customers caused by any downtime during high-traffic times can prove to be costly to any business, and this is something many cyber thieves are aware of and attempt to exploit – they sometimes attempt to hold websites ‘hostage’ by taking them down and demanding money in exchange for their restoration.

Cyber thieves also directly target consumers during this time of year, taking advantage of the bombardment of holiday deals and stressful rushes to sneak fake deals past them in order to collect their personal data. Many of us receive spam emails year-round, but there is usually a marked increase in the amount of phishing scams during the holiday season, either offering ‘too good to be true’ deals in the hope of gaining consumer’s card details or, ironically, pretending to be a legitimate site warning that a user’s credentials have been stolen and need to be reconfirmed. The increased use of smartphones has also seen a rise in ‘copycat’ apps where scammers create visually similar apps to trusted brands like Paypal, Amazon, eBay and Quidco in order to steal information.

As a top provider of IT support Guildford, PurpleJelly highly recommends increased levels of vigilance during this period to avoid getting caught out by cyber scammers, as well as a tightening of any business’ online security. To avoid any disastrous holiday time hacking incidents, why not talk to PurpleJelly and see how we can help you improve the security of your business website? Contact us today at [email protected] or call us on 01252 856 230 to see what we can do for you. 

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