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IT Support Surrey: Can a Fridge Steal Your Data?

Business IT Support Berkshire - Data Security

IT Support Surrey: Can a Fridge Steal Your Data?

As a leading of IT support Surrey company, PurpleJelly make it our business to know about any changes and advancements in the tech industry as well as keeping an eye out for any potential threats to us or our clients. As usage of smart devices and interconnectivity increases, the Internet of Things only continues to grow and gain traction – it is something that we may wish to resist but ultimately will become a normal part of life for us.

So what is the ‘Internet of Things’? Your IT support Surrey company will explain. Simply put, it’s the network which allows the communication and exchange of data between various electronic devices, such as smart heating systems that can be controlled via smartphone apps. Due to having such a broad definition, the Internet of Things (IoT) can be used to refer to any device connected to the internet that isn’t a phone or computer. In fact, whilst you might not have heard this term before (or may simply be unfamiliar with its precise meaning) due to the rapid advancement and adoption of various technologies, it’s more than likely that the Internet of Things is already residing in your home, and is already hugely popular in the health sector.

With things like smart watches and other IoT wearables becoming the norm, and new innovations around every corner such as L’Oreal’s UV-measuring smart skin patch the Internet of Things has the power to make things a lot easier for us as individuals, businesses and as a society. However, progress and innovation can often come at a price, which here would be security. By allowing devices such as our heating systems, cameras, and even fridges become connected to the internet, we are granting yet another entry point to those wishing to steal our data or ‘merely’ cause havoc – something which needs to be sufficiently guarded against!

Hopefully very few cyber thieves and criminals would want to hack into your smart fridge (in case you didn’t know, some fridges can now let you know just what’s in them when you’re out and about shopping) but some seemingly innocuous information could be used against you if allowed to fall into the wrong hands (e.g. the times you use remote access to switch lights and heating on or off, which could in theory let hackers know when you’re home or not!). However, as long as sufficient care and security measures are taken, like the support provided by PurpleJelly, our online safety shouldn’t suddenly see itself in much greater peril than we are currently.

PurpleJelly offer a range of IT support services to businesses in the Surrey and Hampshire area and are dedicated to keeping your computer and network safe. If you require smart IT solutions and want to know how we could help you, why not contact our helpful and friendly team today by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected] to further discuss our services with us.

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