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Microsoft Hosts Safer Internet Day 2015

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Microsoft Hosts Safer Internet Day 2015

As one of Surrey’s leading IT support companies, we at PurpleJelly are always keeping up to date with all the news from the world of technology. Microsoft, as always, have been busy over the past year – we have been following the news on their new Spartan web browser as well as Windows 10, both of which you can read about in our previous blog posts.

This week saw the culmination of their #Do1MoreThing campaign for Safer Internet Day 2015, which took place on 10th February. The campaign involved asking people around the world to take to Twitter and make a pledge to commit to one thing that would help to make the internet safer for themselves and those around them. Microsoft supported the event for the fourth year running with a special event held in their London offices – sharing information on how to be safe while using the internet. Collaborating with Google, Twitter, Facebook and other industry giants along with child safety groups such as the NSPCC and Childnet.

Geared towards schoolchildren, messages included how to maintain financial security and how to safely use social media sites such as Instagram and Twitter. You can see some of the ideas that children across the UK came up with a video put together by the UK Safer Internet Centre.

A safer internet is beneficial for all who use it; whether for recreation, education or business. Businesses should always be aware of internet security and there are a number of ways to ensure that you and your colleagues can be kept safe online:

  • Equip your business with the latest operating system, web browser and most importantly – security system.
  • Turn on automatic updates so that you are always protected against the latest risks.
  • Avoid opening suspicious links that may be sent to you via email or social media.
  • Use email filters to block out unsolicited mail and phishing scams, and use caution when an email asks for personal or financial information – even when asked for by a familiar organisation.
  • Protect other internet enabled devices such as smartphones and tablets
  • USB devices can carry viruses or malware so it is always worth allowing a scan to run when plugging them into your office computer.

PurpleJelly are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Surrey, offering affordable and intelligent IT Support in Guildford, Woking, and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for an affordable IT Support Company then get in contact with us today by calling us on 01252 856 230 or send us an email to [email protected] – we’d love to discuss your IT needs.

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