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How to Protect Your Business in Three Simple Steps

Business IT Support in Farnham - Protect your network

How to Protect Your Business in Three Simple Steps

As a trusted business IT support company, PurpleJelly is dedicated to helping local businesses stay safe from security threats and keep their computers running at full efficiency. In light of the recent events regarding large-scale hackings, it is clear that businesses are at a higher risk nowadays. Therefore, we have compiled three top tips for small businesses to consider in order to stay safe.

Password Protection: It sounds simple and an obvious choice when it comes to staying safe. However, like it or not, passwords are the key to most small business networks, so they are incredibly important to protecting all access. When it comes to choosing a password, start out strong, ensure all access requires durable passwords with a length of at least eight characters with embedded numbers. Secondly, make sure they are changed regularly, so set a timer on each password. 

Write Your Policy: Size is irrelevant when it comes to online crime and fraud, however, if you are a small business- you’re a much easier target! Therefore writing up a policy is a good idea to help both you and your employees limit the risk of online crime and fraud. Firstly, correct education about email can help, train your employees so they know which emails shouldn’t be opened or forwarded. Secondly, decide if an email encryption solution is required to protect your sensitive information.

Stay Modern: Make sure your mobile users, PC’s and servers are using the best available threat intelligence. One way of doing this is to stop relying on an old antivirus. There are new methods of detection which can perform the equivalent of background checks on email senders, files and websites- which not only protect better but also don’t slow your PC!

If these tips have raised your concerns, don’t panic – PurpleJelly is a leading business IT support company based in Surrey, we work closely with local businesses to ensure that their data is properly protected and networks stable. If your business is in need of first class IT solutions then allow us to rescue today- all you need to do is contact our friendly team by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll help resolve all your IT troubles.

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