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A security threat worse than Ransomware?

Business IT Support in Farnham - Security Threat

A security threat worse than Ransomware?

PurpleJelly are proud to be able to offer first class IT support services in the Surrey and Hampshire areas; our team are fully committed to upholding the security of our clients networks to help grant them peace of mind. In line with this, we like to update everyone on potential security threats to remain on guard for, such as the latest threat to reveal itself online.

So what could be worse than ransomware? It is, in fact, a new breed of ransomware with even less scruples than usual, as after taking your payment, the virus goes ahead and deletes all your data anyway, leaving victims with no data and a lighter wallet. As such, this new type of malware has been dubbed “Ranscam” by security experts.

Where normal ransomware un-encrypts data and deletes itself from an infected device once payment has been received but ranscam deletes all ‘kidnapped’ files immediately, and far before a victim has a chance to even attempt to pay up.

This is not only a potential problem for personal users but a number of businesses too, as many have not properly backed up their data and often simply end up paying the fee for speed and simplicity. However, this new development in ransomware could see an end to this, which security experts might be quite pleased about as funds gained this way often continue to fund further illicit cyber security activities and a widespread refusal to pay ransomware will lead to a curb on income for cyber criminals.

Whilst ranscam doesn’t appear to be widespread, and is essentially a less sophisticated version of normal ransomware built by amateurs, the existence of such a potential threat should still serve as a warning to all. In fact, PurpleJelly would like to take the opportunity to reiterate the importance of regularly backing up your files, especially so if you’re a company where data loss could be disastrous on a massive scale.

If you’re concerned about your firm’s security and need some help organising data back-ups then PurpleJelly are able to help you, as well as provide a number of other IT support services to Surrey and Hampshire businesses. To find out more about how we can help keep your data secure, or if you have any other questions regarding IT, then email us today at [email protected] or call our team on 01252 856 230, we’re always ready to help!

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