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Business Continuity

You hope it never happens, but what if it does?
PurpleJelly - Datacentre in Surrey

BcDr planning, its not just for large corporations

What does your business do if the worst happens? How will your workforce continue to function and how well will you be able to react to your client needs?


It’s not just the cost of losing business that hurts financially, you still have to pay your workforce who could be sat twiddling thumbs whilst your IT Support company frantically tries to repair and get you back online.
You don’t have to worry about that anymore. If you need to be up and running in minutes rather than hours or days, PurpleJelly IT Support provide a range of business continuity plans that will have your business recovered in no time at all.


We can have your network back on line at a flick of a switch and users will be able to connect with all your line of business applications ready and waiting for you.


Of course, this is a full Business continuity and Disaster recovery scenario which takes a lot of resource, but don’t worry as we can tailor a BcDr solution just for you and to suit your budget.

Don’t be left high and dry if the worst happens. Call us to find out a how we can help secure your business