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Data Backup

Want to keep your business afloat in a crisis?

Did you know that:

44% of data loss is caused by mistaken deletion, system crash, or software corruption.

14% of data loss occurs due to malware infections.

50% of hard drives die within 5 years.

36% of data loss is customer information and financial data.

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PurpleJelly - Backup Test Restore

Your backups are only as good as your last test restore

Many businesses think that their IT support department or partner take care of their backups, but in truth many don’t even monitor whether they have completed successfully or not. Even if they have completed ok, there is no guarantee that the media can be restored from.


So, what can you do to ensure complete availability should the need arise? Firstly, we at PurpleJelly conduct regular service visits as part of our support plans where we test the validity of your backups and restore data as a test. Secondly we provide additional backup services to help keep your peace of mind, which are also proactively monitored.

Internal / In-house bare metal backups

Using either inbuilt existing technologies or 3rd party software to secured portable devices, ‘Bare Metal’ backups allow a quick and cost effective system recovery to dissimilar hardware. It also allows individual file and folder restoration within a couple of clicks.

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PurpleJelly - Online Backup Farnham

Online backups

Ok, so you now have your systems and data covered, but what about if you need access to that really important Sage data or financial spreadsheet and your server is offline in recovery mode? Our online backups provide a scalable, flexible, ultra-secure and super-fast offsite solution which can be accessed from anywhere.

With PurpleJelly Online Backup Services, you get:

Incredibly fast backup and restore with up to a 5gb/min throughput

Military grade data protection

Easily scalable to meet your needs

Fully hosted offsite and secured

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