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Virtual IT Director

PurpleJelly can offer you a higher level ‘Virtual IT Director’ to help build and maintain your IT strategy. 

The PurpleJelly Virtual IT Director Service brings strategic IT expertise that might be currently missing in your organisation.

Often in SME’s who do not have any high-level IT decision makers, the IT decisions falls to others who are perhaps not so experienced in IT or on how specific technology could be used in the organisation.

The PurpleJelly Virtual IT Director will concentrate on your business and help you plan and understand a clear path for the future. The Virtual IT Director can be as hands on or off as you require and can cover anything from IT Policies and governance to budgeting and strategy to Internet Security measures to employing the right kind of people in your organisation.

Any organisation can benefit from our Virtual IT Director service, you do not need to be a multinational corporation. Often, we find smaller businesses that buy into a short-term service will find this service just as beneficial.

Your Virtual IT Director will always be one of the PurpleJelly owners providing many years’ experience in the running of not just IT Infrastructures and teams but also in general business. 

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