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VoIP Telephony

PurpleJelly - Hosted PBX Farnham

PurpleJelly now offer a revolutionary, next generation hosted telephony service that has been developed over several years. We offer hosted PBX functionality giving organisations greater control of their infrastructure and increased flexibility to change the way they work, whilst taking full advantage of VoIP and the inherent cost savings in infrastructure and call costs. By carrying calls over an internet connection, it makes PBXs and multiple lines redundant while offering advanced functionality and substantial cost savings.

How Does a Hosted IP Telephone System Work?

Instead of having a phone system installed in your premises, your VOIP system is housed off-site at a “super-switch”. This is known as Managed Hosted Telephone System and is far more resilient, advanced, and cost effective than housing your own switch. By opting for a hosted system, you have the same functionality of phone system as enjoyed by the largest companies, but at a fraction of the cost.


Our Hosted Telephony System comes with an extensive range of standard features that would be expected of a modern communications solution.  These are being constantly expanded and your Firmware will always be the most recent version with push updates from our network.

PurpleJelly Hosted IP System
PurpleJelly VoIP Services in Surrey

Features available on our VOIP Solution include:

Call Management Features such as:

Auto Attendant

Alternate Numbers

Call Centre

Hunt Groups

Shared Call Appearance

Mobile Office applications so that you receive calls to your Android mobile, iPhone or iPad whilst you are out of the office with no need to give out your mobile number

Why use our Hosted Telephony solution?

24 Hour, 365 days a year customer and technical support

System will stay up-to-date with the latest feature set

Low cost maintenance contract compared with traditional PBX’s (optional)

Easy to move solution to a new site

Keep your telephone numbers regardless of where you move to

Full home working ability

Free calls between sites

Comprehensive System Admin Interface tool

Selection of handsets

Low call rate charges with per second billing

99.999% uptime

Proactive system monitoring

Highly experienced in effective management of single and multi-site customers

Advanced online billing for full control of telecommunications costs

Superb relationship with network back offices – this gives us full control over your telecoms set up

PurpleJelly - Telephony Services in Farnham

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