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Business IT Support in Alton - Linux

PurpleJelly are an IT support Surrey company dedicated to keeping you informed about the best ways to stay secure online. Many people think that updating anti-malware software leaves you vulnerable to viruses, but it turns out that by avoiding the updates you could be putting yourself at risk- here’s why...

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Business IT Support in Farnham - Hacking

Here at Purple Jelly, we are passionate about supplying our customers with the best IT solutions Surrey. However, in recent light of malicious hacking and attacks affecting some of the biggest companies in the world, the industry is beginning to question whether hiring hackers may be the way forward. However bizarre and potentially unethical it may seem, it may just work. Jamie Woodruff is an, ‘ethical...

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Business IT Support Surrey - Cyber Security

PurpleJelly are dedicated to delivering effective business IT support to Surrey and our clients in the surrounding area, as well as helping to keep networks secure and defend against security issues. We understand how important sensitive data is to companies, and that it must be kept secure at all costs, which is why we’ve created a quick list of tips to help you safeguard your...

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Business IT Support Surrey - Computer Crashing

PurpleJelly are committed to delivering efficient business IT support to Surrey and the surrounding area; not only that, but we’re always hot on the heels of the latest news, updates, and interest pieces surrounding software and technology in the news. The latest tech tidbit to catch our interest this week are people with names who break computers! We all know the frustration of mistyping our names into...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Cloud Computing

As a leading IT support Surrey based company, the team here at PurpleJelly are always keeping up with the latest IT news from around the UK so we can pass it on to our customers. Recently we were shocked by the facts and figures released alongside Home Secretary Theresa May’s call for the country’s police forces to have a technical overhaul. Whilst speaking to the Police...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Digital Marketing

As an IT solutions Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire company, PurpleJelly want to ensure that our customers have the best online security possible. Now 2016 is well on its way; we thought we’d take a look at the lessons learnt from 2015 concerning web security and the little things you can do to keep your content safe. Each year SplashData, a leading provider of security applications and services, publishes...

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IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Camera

As a prominent local provider of intelligent IT solutions in Farnham, the team here at PurpleJelly are always keeping up with the latest tech news in the industry so that we can pass along this information to our customers! Something we’re always really excited about is the advancement of technology, and the greater integration between technology and our daily lives, whether for work or entertainment...

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