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Is Google on Our Side - PurpleJelly IT Support Hampshire

Here at PurpleJelly IT support Aldershot, one of our main priorities is protecting data. Online security is important to every company, however the government has been requesting information from Google for years, without the right to refuse or even notify the individual being inspected. Our IT support Aldershot team decided to investigate, and on Tuesday, Google started publishing some of it’s “gag orders” (an order...

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IT Support Aldershot - Do You Want Windows 10

PurpleJelly are a leading provider of IT support Aldershot and our professional team are always keeping an eye out for the latest computing and tech news so that we can best look after our clients and their networks. We’re usually a very proud supporter of all things Microsoft, and their latest OS Windows 10 has definitely gotten us excited, but it seems that not everyone...

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IT Support Aldershot - PurpleJelly - App Security

The team here at PurpleJelly are proud to offer some of the best IT support in Aldershot, Hampshire and Surrey. As dedicated IT professionals, our expert team are committed to keeping our clients’ systems secure, so that their business can continue to run smoothly without any downtime and the resulting loss of custom. We always remain ever vigilant for the latest news and developments in...

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Business IT Support Hampshire - Data Recovery

When it comes to IT support Surrey has more businesses than ever navigating the data-centric time bomb, otherwise called planet earth! 2015 is no exception, with many high profile companies having suffered the theft/release of sensitive company and customer data; the all-too-determined redhat hacker community taking no prisoners, with even high profile firms such as JPMorgan Chase and Ashley Madison facing loses. We’ve highlighted two...

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Business IT Support Hampshire - Router Configuration

As IT support specialists in Surrey, we support businesses within all sectors, ensuring we tailor our IT assist, IT Flex and IT manage services to cater to each business' individual needs. At Purple Jelly we understand that having the fastest net connection speeds possible helps IT systems to run smoothly. Having been established since 2007 providing IT solutions in Woking and Farnborough, we allow our...

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Microsoft - PurpleJelly IT Support Surrey

Being Microsoft advocates, our team of IT professionals are always keeping up to date with the latest news regarding our preferred software company. One news story, which caught our eye this week, was the reports the US government trying to force Microsoft to turn over an individual customer's emails that are stored on servers in Ireland. The news story initially surfaced after Microsoft refused to hand over...

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Business IT Support Surrey - IT Support Solutions

Being one of the leading IT Support Companies in Aldershot we are passionate about computers and technology. It is because of this that our IT professionals are always keeping up to date with the latest news within the technology industry. One topic which caught our eye this week was the computer manufacturing company HP revealing its intent to use the new operating system Linux ++ on...

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Microsoft’s operating systems have always been extremely popular among businesses and consumers alike. However since the release of Windows XP 2001 Microsoft's newer operating systems have been subject to criticism of not being up to par with their 2001 counterpart. Recently the Internet is been ablaze with news of Microsoft’s latest Operating System Windows 10, promising to be the computer giants best OS yet. Being one...

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