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Artificial Intelligence Hits Microsoft Office 365

PurpleJelly - Artificial Intelligence in Office 365

Artificial Intelligence Hits Microsoft Office 365

Artificial Intelligence Hits Microsoft Office 365 (for Business)


As with many other companies, Microsoft has been keen to follow the key AI trends of 2018. As the year progresses, we are more likely to be subject to an augmented reality, meaning that our devices are smarter than ever before.


Microsoft’s Office 365 has recently been enhanced with AI, with the simple goal of helping subscribers to produce their best work. Suddenly, AI is accessible to all.


Search Text Within Images


Thanks to Office 365’s Intelligent Search feature, any printed words in images uploaded to SharePoint and OneDrive are now automatically detected, extracted, and made searchable. This makes it possible to find screenshots, receipts, and business cards based on the text they contain – expenses admin might just have become a whole lot easier.


Automatically Uncover Trends in Excel Data


Insights helps to identify trends, outliers, and other useful visualizations, providing new and useful perspectives on data: sorting Excel’s notoriously tedious reputation as a confusing mass of numbers, tables and data. Powered by machine learning, Microsoft’s new visualisations are now going to make all of that headachey data much easier to digest.


Improve Collaboration with the Whiteboard Preview App


This real-time free-form digital canvas makes interactions between team members easier, whether they’re working on a conference room screen or across different devices and locations.


The app is equipped with freehand drawing tools, geometry recognition, data illustration tools, and more to improve both business and creative projects. The app uses AI to recognise users’ freeform drawings, turning them into standard shapes so that drawing flowcharts, tables and diagrams becomes easier to understand – users can also work together in real-time on shared content and log to the cloud for later.


No More Confusing Jargon


In basic terms, Microsoft’s new feature should help users out with any specific workplace vernacular, analysing employees’ terms and automatically creating a useful glossary of terms.


Here at PurpleJelly, we are dedicated to all the latest exciting tech developments. If you have any queries regarding IT support or anything in this article catches your eye and you’d like to know more, give one of us a ring on 01252 856 230 or drop us an email at [email protected].

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