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Why You Need to be Thinking About Business Continuity Plans

Business IT Support in Farnham - Business Continuity Plans

Why You Need to be Thinking About Business Continuity Plans

PurpleJelly is a leading provider of IT support and business continuity services in Surrey and the surrounding area, and do our very best to keep our clients’ networks in good shape so that their businesses can keep on running the way they’re meant to. Businesses of all sizes can benefit from data backup and disaster recovery services, but some SMEs just don’t consider how vital it is to them – which is something that needs to be addressed immediately!

Actioning business continuity plans and disaster recovery plans allows you to identify potential threats to the smooth running of your company and implement contingency plans; this will allow your company to still be able to provide as full a service as possible even if worst comes to the worst, or at the very least allow your company to provide an effective response to the problem. Sometimes no matter how prepared you are, downtime is unavoidable, so how your company deals with this is key and you’ll need to act in order to protect your reputation and brand.

Having certain safeguards in place will only improve your company’s organisational resilience , allowing you to recover from disruption such as security threats, including hacks, information leaks, or computers viruses, which in the long term will save time, money and keep customers loyal.

Even if customers aren’t directly affected (by website downtime or data leaks), inefficiency and a drop in productivity can still be a problem! After all, most of our work is performed on computers, intranets, and online – should any of these fail then many companies will be left in the dark and unable to do what needs to be done during a normal working day.

Whilst having a plan for business continuity is vital, it’s always best to prevent disruptions where possible and take the necessary steps to do so, including informing staff of key security procedures.

If you recognise the need for your company to protect itself and require help with business continuity in Surrey then PurpleJelly are here to help! Our friendly business continuity Surrey team is dedicated to helping all our customers with a smile, and solving any issues as quickly as humanly possible. To find out more about how the services we offer could help you then simply call us today on 01252 856 230 or email our team at [email protected]!

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