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Business IT Support: An End to Public WiFi in France?

Business IT Support Berkshire

Business IT Support: An End to Public WiFi in France?

As business IT support Surrey specialists, PurpleJelly are always looking to keep up to date with any tech news, especially so if it’s of interest to our customers. Since the internet has become such an integral part of daily life for many people, it’s not surprising that many businesses offer free wifi (not only cafes but even buses and taxis can offer the service!) for paying customers. However, public networks, whilst usually only a problem in terms of personal data security, could also be somewhat of an issue for national security too; at least, that’s what certain officials in France are arguing.

The business IT support Surrey team Purple Jelly look into the potential Wifi ban in France. Following the wake of the Paris terror attacks, the French authorities are exploring ways to restrict anonymous web browsing in an effort to hinder future terror plots, and police are hoping to implement two very specific changes in the laws surrounding the web.

One proposed measure is to completely ban public wifi networks (such as those accessed by many for free at cafes, train stations, etc) during a state of emergency, which the country has been in since the terror attacks. These networks may be a simple convenience to the average user, but the French police assert that public shared wifi hotspots make things simultaneously easier for terrorists and harder for the authorities due to the difficulty of isolating someone’s identity.

In another effort to crack down on anonymous web browsing, the French authorities are also going after the dark web browser Tor (or The Onion Router), an encryption tool that re-routes a user’s browsing through many relays around the world, making them almost impossible to track and identify. Whilst Tor can be used by journalists and whistleblowers, it’s also something of a haven for criminals, including terrorists – it’s these more dangerous users that the French authorities are hoping to scupper with the banning of Tor. It’s reported by French newspaper Le Monde  that if these changes are passed, they could come into effect as early as January, so for those of you with businesses, second homes or holidays planned in France – beware!

PurpleJelly are a leading business IT support Surrey specialist, offering smart IT solutions to our clients’ computer problems. If you’re looking for fast and proactive IT support in the Surrey and Hampshire area, why not contact us at 01252 856 230, or drop us an email at [email protected] – our team are happy to help with any of your queries.

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