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Data Disasters: Assisted IT Support Surrey or Non compliance fines?

Business IT Support Hampshire - Data Recovery

Data Disasters: Assisted IT Support Surrey or Non compliance fines?

When it comes to IT support Surrey has more businesses than ever navigating the data-centric time bomb, otherwise called planet earth! 2015 is no exception, with many high profile companies having suffered the theft/release of sensitive company and customer data; the all-too-determined redhat hacker community taking no prisoners, with even high profile firms such as JPMorgan Chase and Ashley Madison facing loses. We’ve highlighted two company ‘no-no’s’, as in ‘bad-times’ below, and we ask you to view them with one simple question in mind; Might this breach in security have been avoided with something as simple as an assisted IT Support plan?

Carphone warehouse Hack

Business IT Solutions in Aldershot


This August, retailer Carphone Warehouse estimated that personal information of 2.4 million of their customers had been compromised. The “sophisticated” attack was noticeable on 5th August but in attempts to internally rectify the problem, the company did not disclose the breach publically until 8th August. The company is also reported to have stated that names, addresses, bank details as well as names for customers had been exposed. If the problem couldn’t be worse it intensified as Carphone Warehouse discovered that an estimated 90,000 customers encrypted credit card data “may also have been accessed”. Hackers reportedly enveloped Carphone Warehouse with junk traffic to the site as a smokescreen whilst breaking into the database. Cyber-criminals are known to run DDoS attacks whilst carrying out significant data breaches, keeping security response staff too busy to chase warning alerts that provide early evidence of intrusion. DDoS technique also works to endorse cyber-security teams to relax existing security options such as firewall rules. This technique is suspected to be the most likely route of data entry by IT professionals.

Lloyds Bank Security Houdini

In September 2015 Lloyds Bank is the most recent large-scale business to be a victim of a hacking scandal. This hack in particular resulted in thousands of customers’ personal data being stolen and the firm facing the possibility of a non compliance fine. The cause of the hack had been a storage device containing the account details and sort codes of customers (all who had emergency insurance cover from Royal Sun Alliance between 2006-2012) simply disappearing. To avoid further risking the customer’s’ security, Lloyd’s would not disclose the number of people who were impacted within the breach due to non disclosure (NDA) and confidentiality obligations to their customers.

This was also the case with the Information Commissioner’s office who were fined earlier this year for having poor security and lack of IT management after failing to keep personal information secure, ‘a basic legal requirement’. 


How can you Shelter the disaster:

Data can be protected and non compliance fines can potentially be avoided with unlimited and Proactive IT Support plans. We are able to support your business’ IT security with unlimited IT support. With 24/7 monitoring to alert you about potential network failures before they occur. If something should occur, then our sophisticated NOC (Network Operations Centre) will automatically create a support ticket, notifying all of our active IT Support Surrey Technicians immediately.

With out of date, poor security more businesses than ever are vulnerable to hacking scandals so make sure you avoid losing sensitive information with an Assisted IT support plan from Purple Jelly.

PurpleJelly are a leading IT support specialist in Surrey, we can also offer IT Solutions in Hampshire, IT Solutions Guildford, IT Support Surrey and the surrounding areas where we can find IT solutions to all IT problems whilst enabling high security measures for our clients. Contact us at enquiries[email protected]or call us on 01252 856 230 for more!

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