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Fruit Salad Technology: Apple, Blackberry; Raspberry Pi?

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Fruit Salad Technology: Apple, Blackberry; Raspberry Pi?

As one of Surrey’s leading IT support companies, we’re always on the look out for interesting new IT solutions, including start-ups and new technology. One such system we’ve been keeping an eye on is the small but mighty Raspberry Pi, a miniature computer that can be used for big projects.


We’ve all heard of Apple and Blackberry, but what about the more recent edition to the technological fruit salad; Raspberry Pi? This ingenious little device is not a phone or laptop, but a single-board computer system that has been trimmed down to the size of a credit card (not the size of an actual raspberry, unfortunately!). It’s this uber-compact size (along with its low retail price of £22) that has contributed to Raspberry Pi’s popularity and subsequent success.


Business IT Solutions in AltonDeveloped in Cambridge, UK, the Raspberry Pi has become an instant success after selling over 5 million units since its release in February 2013. Raspberry Pi was started with the vision of allowing the basic teaching of computer science in schools, but the system has quickly been adopted by hobbyists, hackers and leaders of the tech industry. Raspberry Pi is attractive to tech wizards as its compact size allows it to be implemented into wildly creative projects such as remote safety deposit boxes, a Raspberry Pi-powered game boy, and even a fully functional Star Wars character replica of R2D2 with the ability to track movements.Another key feature of the Raspberry Pi is its affordable price; the first model initially retailed at £32, the Raspberry Pi 2 is now being sold for £22 and the Raspberry Pi Model B+ is even cheaper at £16. This low price means computers are more accessible than ever before, not just for families but for schools, too. The Raspberry Pi Foundation was set up with the aim to bring computer science to classrooms and that goal has been supported by Google Giving, with a donation of 15,000 Raspberry Pi’s having been gifted to schools across the UK in 2013. Computer science may not be widely taught

as part of a Secondary School education, but this may be a step forward to seeing it happen one day in future!

Another exciting announcement is that Raspberry Pi will be not only compatible with Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System, Windows 10, (the final update in the line!) but Windows 10 operating systems will be offered to users for free! For more information of the future of Windows 10, see our previous blog here.


So is the Raspberry Pi the next best thing in IT solutions, or just a gimmick doomed to die out once the novelty’s worn off? Let us know what you think!

PurpleJelly is one of the leading IT Support companies in the Surrey area, offering intelligent IT Support solutions tailored to your needs. If your company is based in Guildford, Woking or the surrounding area, then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01252 856 230 or send us an email at [email protected] – we’d love to talk to you and help you find the most practical IT solution to your problems.

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