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HP’s New Operating System

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HP’s New Operating System

Being one of the leading IT Support Companies in Aldershot we are passionate about computers and technology. It is because of this that our IT professionals are always keeping up to date with the latest news within the technology industry. One topic which caught our eye this week was the computer manufacturing company HP revealing its intent to use the new operating system Linux ++ on their super computer.

HP’s new operating system, Linux ++ is part of their plan to build a super computer, named “The Machine”, which is said to be more energy efficient and powerful than any other devices to date, reducing a data centre down to the size of a fridge. HP have been inventing a range of new and innovative technologies which include a new, extremely fast, data transfer system using light (photonics) and a new type of memory format named “memristors”.

In order to facilitate these new inventions, software, and apps the computer manufacturing company have shied away from its usual operating system, which has been used through out there machines over the years, of Microsoft’s Windows and switch to a new OS utilising Linux. When the head of HP Labs, Martin Fink, first showed off “The Machine” at HP’s annual customer conference in June he said “We want to reignite in all of our universities around the world on operating system research, which we think has been dormant or stagnant for decades.” And expressed the computer companies decision to switch to new operating systems based on Linux and Android.

If HP sticks to its suggested time scale, and everything runs smoothly, the prototypes of “The Machine” should be available come 2016, and the device will be on sale by 2018. Which could make some vast changes to the IT Support industry in terms of data storage. But what does this mean for Microsoft and Windows?

PurpleJelly are a IT Support Company in Aldershot, specialising in providing intelligent IT Solutions to businesses in Aldershot, Farnham, Guildford, and the surrounding areas. If you are look for a proactive IT Support company then get in contact by calling us on 01252 856 230 or send us an email to [email protected] – we’d love to discuss your IT needs.

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