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HP’s New Smart Mat

HP Smart Mat - PurpleJelly IT Support Surrey

HP’s New Smart Mat

Here at PurpleJelly we are proud to be suppliers of HP products. It is because of this partnership that we are always keeping up to date with all the latest products, which HP are introducing to the market. One thing that caught our eye this week was HP’s new computer ‘Sprout’ and in particular its use of a smart mat to replace a keyboard and mouse.

The design of a pc has been pretty standard and conventional for years, featuring 4 main components: A monitor, a hard drive, a keyboard, and a mouse. It is because of this that HP has innovatively changed the game with the introduction of their new computer, Sprout, which uses a touch mat and a built in 3D camera as its main medium in terms of usage, with the keyboard and mouse taking a seat on the bench as optional extras.

How this new format operates is via the projection of a graphics onto a mat that provides its users with an unlimited range of controls. What Sprout’s new smart mat projects is anything from normal computer icons and the standard keyboard, which everyone is more that familiar with, to music making and editing soft wear such as a piano and DJ mixing desks.

Sprout also allows its owners to capture objects, creating a simple and effortless 3D scanner, producing graphics of the objects on the mat that can be manipulated by hand. With the popularity of 3D printing drastically increasing other the past few years HP’s smart mat allows users, through this scanning method, to create 3D printer files that can be edited on the screen before being send to print.

Sprout has spent the past five years in development, and it is said that the device will go on sale for $1,900 in the use and £1,900 in the UK. This new innovation from HP has to potential to be very beneficial to businesses, especially those within the design and 3D printing industry, but the real question is can this product rival Apple’s MAC that has proven to be extremely popular within those industries.

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