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Internet Connectivity Services: Three Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal

Internet Connectivity Services Farnham

Internet Connectivity Services: Three Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal

PurpleJelly are a Surrey-based IT solutions company that offers local businesses a range of support options including internet connectivity services, data backups, network security, and more. The rise of the internet over the past few decades has to lead to it becoming something of a necessity for individuals and businesses alike, so when signal drops out or your connection is lagging, then there can be serious consequences! As an IT company, PurpleJelly know all too well the problems surrounding connectivity, and so our helpful team have put together a quick guide on how to boost your signal by altering the location of your router.

Believe it or not, your wireless internet’s speed and connectivity can be greatly improved by simply taking note of your router’s position and adjusting it based on the following metrics:


Height is always key when it comes to routers; never keep one on the floor where possible, and try to elevate it at least a few feet off the ground to help its signal travel further. For personal routers, keeping them upstairs or on top of shelves is ideal, but this can be harder for businesses, who usually require their router to be in a more central location, though this has its own advantages and can help provide maximum coverage in the workplace.


An overheated device never works as efficiently as it should, so keeping your router’s temperature in check is a must. To prevent your router from overheating, ensure that any vents are uncovered and are able to receive suitable airflow, and that your router is kept out of direct sunlight.


Wireless internet can be interfered with by many things, including many electrical devices. Of course, it’s not always feasible to remove things like televisions and microwaves completely, but rearranging them so that they don’t fall in the path between routers and computers can help keep signals clear.

Walls, doors, and furniture can also interrupt wireless signals, especially the heavier and thicker they are, so placing your router tucked behind a wall or kept in a cupboard won’t do your signal much good! Remember to give your router space, and watch your signal improve as a result!

PurpleJelly offer comprehensive IT support to businesses in the areas surrounding Hampshire and Surrey and are able to provide internet connectivity services, email security, network installation and more. If you’d like to discuss in greater detail the kind of support we can provide, then talk to us today at [email protected] or on 01252 856 230, and our friendly team will only be too happy to help you!

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