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How will the Internet of Things Benefit the Future?

PurpleJelly IT Support Surrey - Internet of Things

How will the Internet of Things Benefit the Future?

Here at PurpleJelly, specialising in IT support services Surrey, we have been very curious as to what the internet of things means for the future of business. Many companies, of huge variety, are already benefitting from small scale projects such as “smart” conference rooms, advanced factory automation and futuristic coffee machines.

Our IT support services Surrey team are intrigued as to what this can mean for the future, especially as technology, as well as energy and utilities, consumer electronics and automative, are the top four industries predicted to benefit the most from the Internet of things.

One of the big things expected to come out of the internet of things is smarter, more energy efficient architecture. Intel, Tatung and ECS (Elitegroup computer systems) have been working together to design and build smart, energy saving buildings. Their project, a smart energy saving conference room, was given and “excellent” performance rating, meaning they are ready for the next stage. It might not be long before we start to see smart buildings popping up all over the place.

Another demonstration of the effective use of IoT is factory automation. The collaboration of Intel and Mitsubishi electric has made a lot more progress than would have been possible individually. At Intel’s manufacturing facility in Malaysia, the partnership has been working on a pilot for complete automation of factory processes. The benefits include increased yield and productivity, the ability to conduct predictive maintenance and reduced component failures. The advanced automation has also optimised inventory of tooling and human resources. It is clear that the pilot was a huge success, not to mention the $9 million Intel saved through cost avoidance and improved decision making.

From the world of factories and manufacturing to one if the biggest coffee shop chains in the country, IoT is really making itself known in many sectors of business. Intelligent vending machines are the new gimmick in Costa. The machine is called the Costa Express CEM-200, and Costa claims it increases profitability by using anonymous viewer analytics (AVA). The machine gives Costa a unique opportunity monitor vital information, such as most common combinations of purchases, or the popularity of specific drinks at certain times of day. This insight into customer behaviour could revolutionise retail, and this is just the beginning.

Here at PurpleJelly IT support services Surrey, we love to dream big, however in reality, the majority of IT experts have no idea what IoT (the internet of things) could mean for the future. If you would like to know more about IT support services Surrey or have any questions, give us a call on 01252 856 230, or email our friendly team at [email protected], we’re always happy to help.

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