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Is Adblocking Coming to Mobile?

Business IT Support in Farnham - Adblocking

Is Adblocking Coming to Mobile?

Local support team PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering practical IT solutions to businesses in the Hampshire and Surrey areas so that they can stay up and running without having to worry about downtime and potential loss of customers. Our IT solutions Hampshire team always keeping our ear to the ground for the latest news in the industry, especially regarding security, which is why the latest story surrounding ad blocking has come to our attention.

Tech company Shine has struck a deal with Econet (a South African based mobile provider) to provide network based adblocking to its subscribers, which number over 40 million; this deal follows similar agreements between Shine and Digicel (a Caribbean based operator) in 2015 and Three earlier this year.

Three announced earlier this year their intention to implement ad-blocking to their mobile network, which European users will be able to opt into once the scheme is up and running; Digicel and Econet’s ad blocking services will be offered as default for their customers, but this cannot happen in Europe due to different regulations.

This network-level blocking is thought to be of benefit for both customer and providers as it is supposed to bring a greater level of transparency, especially surrounding data charges for customers, whom mobile companies like Three and Econet believe shouldn’t have to foot the bill for unwanted and irrelevant adverts.

Ad blocking will also help with data protection, and can help keep users more private from ad software that would otherwise spy on their browsing habits, and later use and exploit their data.

Interestingly enough, these companies aren’t against adverts in general, just poor quality examples that eat up data and compromise customer’s data, which is certainly a phenomenon that could really do with being addressed.

There’s still no time frame for when Three will finally launch their network level ad blocking initiative in the UK as work continues to be ongoing, but we’ll be sure to keep our eyes peeled for any developments.

PurpleJelly are a trusted IT support company based in Hampshire whose team are dedicated to offering our clients intelligent IT Solutions that really work. If you’d like to find out more about how we can help you and your company, then simply call us today on 01252 856 230 or drop us an email at [email protected] – our IT solutions Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire team always happy to discuss our services!

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