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IT Solutions Farnham: The Year of Virtual Reality

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IT Solutions Farnham: The Year of Virtual Reality

As a prominent local provider of intelligent IT solutions in Farnham, the team here at PurpleJelly are always keeping up with the latest tech news in the industry so that we can pass along this information to our customers! Something we’re always really excited about is the advancement of technology, and the greater integration between technology and our daily lives, whether for work or entertainment – such as with Virtual Reality (VR) technology!

PurpleVirtual reality is hardly a new phenomenon, and is something that has been predicted in popular culture and sci-fi for decades now, but the past few years have had us come closer than ever before to making virtual reality a, well, real reality! One of the most well known consumer-targeted VR systems is the Oculus Rift, which after a hugely successful kickstarter campaign has finally announced that preorders are currently open for the product with an official release date for the product: March 28th of this year – IT solutions Farnham company PurpleJelly, can’t wait!

If you’re one of the original backers of the kickstarter project who are set to receive a free headset, or are just simply considering buying yourself one anyway (despite the fairly hefty price tag of £499) you may be wondering if your current computer will actually support the device, as it has been reported that only more powerful PCs (usually of gaming-level calibre) are fully compatible with the Oculus Rift. Thankfully, help is at hand – the team behind the Oculus Rift have released a downloadable tool to help you check whether your PC is Rift-compatible (though no word on any such tool for Macs or other non-windows operating systems)!

For those of you on tighter budgets, the tech world is still doing its best to bring VR to you at a more affordable price, if with more limited performance options. Whilst the Oculus Rift is meant for PC use, the currently available Gear VN (also from Oculus) is meant to be used with compatible Samsung 2015 smartphones and designed to be used with mobile games (such as the recently released horror port Dim Light) and streaming services such as Netflix. The Gear VR may lack the extensive motion tracking that the Rift has, but it’s certainly a viable (and much more affordable) option to those who are interested in the VR experience, but are perhaps a bit wary about shelling out too much on an unknown quantity.

PurpleJelly offer professional IT solutions to businesses in Farnham, Guildford, Aldershot and beyond. Our friendly and efficient team work with you to ensure that your business’ computers are running smoothly and your network remains secure, to help you avoid any embarrassing technological mishaps! If you wish to know more about our services, or want to know how PurpleJelly can help your business, why not gives us a call today on 01252 856 230 or email us at [email protected] – our team is always happy to answer any enquiries!

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