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IT Solutions Hampshire: Barracuda to Sink Cloud Storage

IT Solutions Hampshire - Barracuda

IT Solutions Hampshire: Barracuda to Sink Cloud Storage

The expert team here at PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering intelligent IT solutions to local businesses in the Hampshire and Surrey area – part of this includes staying up to date with the latest news in the tech industry so that we can utilise this knowledge to properly protect our clients against security threats and ensure that their networks are kept running smoothly and efficiently. The news of the moment is Barracuda’s decision to close down CudaDrive and Copy cloud services due to their lack of success.

Personal and business use of cloud storage has increased over the years due to the increased need for filesharing and the ease of which cloud services allow this to happen, meaning that offering these services has become quite lucrative for some – although this cannot be said for Barracuda. The company’s blog post about the issue makes it clear that the cloud services are not proving profitable for the company, but Backup and Data protection services are, which is where Barracuda will be focusing its efforts in future.

From May 1st 2016, Barracuda’s cloud storage services (Copy and Cuda Drive) will be shut down for good, so if any of our readers have any data stored here, it would be wise to move it elsewhere as soon as possible to avoid the loss of valuable information! Whilst it’s the end of the the line for Barracuda’s cloud services, it’s not the end of the world: there are still many other cloud services available for personal and business use, including Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft Azure .

For those of you with data stored on Barracuda’s cloud services, you can view a step-by-step guide from moving your data here. Alternatively, you can contact the PurpleJelly IT solutions Hampshire, Surrey and Berkshire team and one of our representatives can personally assist you!

PurpleJelly are a leading local IT support company offering professional IT solutions to businesses in the Hampshire and Surrey area, aiming to ensure the smooth and efficient running of your computers and your company! If you’re having computer problems and need intelligent IT solutions fast, why not get in contact with the PurpleJelly team by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected] – we’re here to help!

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