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IT Solutions Hampshire: New LiFi Technology

IT Solutions Hampshire - LiFi

IT Solutions Hampshire: New LiFi Technology

The team here at PurpleJelly are proud to be able to offer local Hampshire businesses professional IT solutions to their problems in order to help keep their business running as smoothly as possible. We want to make sure that our customers are always completely up to date and are well informed about current technology, meaning we keep an eye on all the tech news for you! What’s come under our sights recently is news about an exciting new development in wireless technology – LiFi!

Light Fidelity, or LiFi (which our IT solutions Hampshire team can’t wait to try!), is the new fully networked visible light communication (VLC) technology set to either complement WiFi’s current services, or perhaps even become its future wireless successor. LiFi uses LEDs to transfer high speed data using visible light or infra-red communication, and functions at around one hundred times faster than current WiFi networks, which transmits data using radio frequency waves.

As LiFi uses visible light to transmit data, this means that their signal cannot pass through walls the way that WiFi’s radio waves can; this means that LiFi has a shorter range than Wifi, but gives the added bonus of allowing more secure wireless data transmission by making outside hacking more difficult, which makes the technology ideal for use in places like schools and hospitals.

Another issue facing WiFi is just the sheer amount of demand placed on it! The more devices there are connected to a WiFi network, the more interference will be experienced; LiFi hopes to lessen this demand in the home and workplace as the Internet of Things continues to grow and we see an increase in the number of devices connected to wireless networks. In fact, Cisco has predicted that by 2025 demand for WiFi will outweigh its capability, and it will be simply be unable to cope with demand. This is where LiFi comes in – if VLC technology becomes more commonplace, then WiFi and LiFi can work in harmony to provide users with a constant wireless network that experiences less interference, and can be more easily secured.

LiFi is an exciting new technology that is just beginning to take root and is still in need of further development, but tech companies Philips and Apple have shown an interest in LiFi VLC, meaning that we could be seeing the use of LiFi in our daily lives much sooner than we think!

PurpleJelly are dedicated to offering our clients intelligent IT solutions Hampshire, as well as ensuring the safety of their networks and computers. Our highly skilled team work tirelessly to fix any problems that may arise, as well as offer preventive measures to stop you from being inconvenienced again in future. If your company is in need of genuine IT support, then contact us today to see what we can do for you by calling 01252 856 230 or emailing [email protected]; we’d love to talk tech with you!

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