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IT Solutions Surrey: Top hacks that could have been avoided

Business IT Support Hampshire - Security

IT Solutions Surrey: Top hacks that could have been avoided

PurpleJelly are Surrey based IT specialists that support businesses within all sectors tailoring our Intelligent IT Support services to meet the needs of each business’ individual needs. We have been offering our IT Solutions services to clients since 2007 enabling our clients to focus on their core products and services whilst we handle the running and maintenance of their core IT infrastructure.

Data security isn’t a high enough priority for many companies leaving their IT systems vulnerable for hackers to access sensitive information. As a result, an estimated 50 to 150 million records have been stolen from companies such as GPMorgan Chase,Home Depot and most recently, Ashley Madison in previous years.

So what is the solution to this? Covata. Covata is an Australian company that has developed technology to protect companies in large or small capacity from these bigger and more modern hacks. Covala has not only caught the attention of the corporate giants but also earlier this March, signed a deal with Cisco. This is significant in that it not only provides international exposure but it connects Covata with the different clients that Cisco provide services to. Furthermore, reliability with Covata is already evident as the company provided secure file sharing services to various Australian government agencies. As a result, it has now signed a deal with Macquarie Telecom to distribute one of its services, Safe Share.

How can Covata avoid these hacks? With Home Depot, the problem started with hackers stealing a password from a vendor which enabled the hacker to eventually steal 56 million credit card accounts. One of the many benefits on offer from Covata is that the system monitors who has access to the data making it more likely to be protected from the wrong hands and should the security be breached, Covata converts the data, rendering it undecipherable. This contingency plan seems to be the key to what was missing from the technology used by many companies before.

The hack that GPMorgan Chase suffered involved 76 million private and 7 million business customers being cyber attacked which took months for home break-ins to discover what data was missing. With Covata, the ability to control the location of data may enable GPMorgan to avoid a major hack such as this in future.

What is clear from most hacks, however, is that the security of data and storage of data within these major companies is seemingly out of date and not secure enough to protect itself from cyber attacks. This new and more modern technology is a requirement, and it’s nice to see this Australian company, Covata, leading the way for a more secure business future.

At PurpleJelly, protection is provided throughout the period of the service in a preventative manner rather than during the aftermath of the event enabling high security measures and reduced risk for our clients.

PurpleJelly are a leading IT Support specialist in Surrey, we offer IT Solutions in Hampshire, IT Solutions Surrey, IT Solutions Guildford, Intelligent IT Support in Surrey and the surrounding areas. Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 01252 856 230 for more!


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