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IT Support Aldershot: Do You Want Windows 10?

IT Support Aldershot - Do You Want Windows 10

IT Support Aldershot: Do You Want Windows 10?

PurpleJelly are a leading provider of IT support Aldershot and our professional team are always keeping an eye out for the latest computing and tech news so that we can best look after our clients and their networks. We’re usually a very proud supporter of all things Microsoft, and their latest OS Windows 10 has definitely gotten us excited, but it seems that not everyone feels the same way!

Unlike out IT support Aldershot company, if you haven’t been tempted by all the bells and whistles to upgrade to Windows 10 for free then you may just find 2016 to be something of a very trying year. Users of legitimate copies of Windows 7 and 8.1 will probably find the offer to upgrade to Windows 10 all too familiar by now, but Microsoft are unperturbed and are determined to push out the upgrade wherever possible, even if their users aren’t too happy about it.

The latest of Microsoft’s efforts to get more users to adopt its latest OS is changing Windows 10 from an ‘optional’ update to a ‘recommended’ one. What difference does this make, you might wonder. Well, the default option for Windows is to automatically install recommended updates, and seeing as many users don’t bother to customise their settings and merely leave them as the default, these users may see their computers downloading Windows 10 automatically – whether they want it or not!

Aside from the obvious problems of installing an operating system that you don’t want, the Windows 10 upgrade is often around 3GB (though it has been reported to reach up to 6GB) which can take up much needed disk space for those low on HDD, as well as wreak havoc with those on metered connections.

This seems to the latest string of efforts whereby Microsoft seems to be attempting to trick users into downloading Windows 10, which have in the past included dialogue boxes that offer the options ‘upgrade now’ or ‘upgrade later’ with no clear option to opt out in sight!

Microsoft feel that they can justify this amount of pressure on uninterested parties by insisting of Windows 10 increased performance, as well as promising that upgraded machines should supposedly be able to revert to their old installation within 31 days of upgrading, though there have already been reports of this not working out exactly as advertised.

Currently this ‘nagware’ is only affecting home users of Windows, but we could soon see the same problems in certain compatible business machines, too.

If you’re feeling a bit puzzled about Windows 10 and maybe need some help with your business’ operating system then PurpleJelly are here to offer you top quality IT support; operating in the Aldershot area and further afield our expert team can help you with all your computing needs and ensure that your business can continue to run efficiently, without you having to worry about any technological mishaps. To find out how PurpleJelly can help support your local business, call us today at 01252 856 230 or drop as an email at [email protected] – we’d love to hear from you!

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