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IT Support Aldershot: Picasa Shelved for Google Photos

IT Support Aldershot - Picasa

IT Support Aldershot: Picasa Shelved for Google Photos

The team here at PurpleJelly are proud to offer some of the best IT Support Aldershot available to local businesses, and as such are always making sure that we keep up to date with the latest tech news and updates so that we can keep our clients informed too! The internet is an ever changing thing, and we can witness the rise and fall of many popular sites, programs and apps – which this week happens to be Picasa.

Google have announced that they will be shutting down popular photo managing service Picasa in favour of focusing on their other service, Google Photos. This won’t be much of a surprise to those keeping up with the services, as Google Photos has seen many improvements and updates in the past year, but Picasa doesn’t even have an official android app! In light of this, Picasa obviously does not fit in with Google’s multi-platform business model, making its demise somewhat inevitable.

So when is the end set to come? According to Google, they will no longer offer download of the service after March 15th, which is the final cut-off date, though they’ll begin to implement changes from the beginning of the month. However, for those dedicated users of Picasa who already have the desktop app downloaded, the programme will still function but will not receive any more updates or improvements.

So what does this mean for Picasa users? Well, users will still be able to find all their data on Google Photos if they log in with their account details, and can then continue to use the service to upload, edit and share images as they did with Picasa.

Google will also be releasing a tool for those who don’t wish to migrate to Google Photos that provides an alternative way for users to view, export and delete albums. However, options to organise, edit and create albums will be unavailable and those wishing to do this will have to bite the bullet and use Google Photos, though considering the work Google have poured into the service, this shouldn’t be too much of a setback.

PurpleJelly offer comprehensive IT support services to local businesses in the Hampshire area including Aldershot and Farnborough. Our professional team are completely committed to offering you top quality IT solutions and ensuring that your business is able to run smoothly and without any technological hiccups. If you want to know more about our services and how PurpleJelly can help your business then why not contact our friendly team today by calling 01252 856 230 or emailing [email protected] – our IT support Aldershot are always happy to answer any questions!

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