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Could the Internet Replace Television?

Could the Internet Replace Television?

At PurpleJelly, a leading IT support Surrey based company, we make it our business to know about how the roles tech provides in our clients’ lives so we can continue to deliver top quality service and support tailored to suit their every need. With more users utilising online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, it has been suggested that soon the Internet will take over from conventional TV programming. This certainly seems to be the case for the younger generations according to a recently published report by Childwise.

According to Childwise, young people between the ages of seven and sixteen have swapped the television for online mediums on their phones and tablets. Fifty percent of the children surveyed had watched Netflix within the last week compared to forty-six percent who had seen something on BBC1. Youtube was found to be the most popular destination for web-using children. Seventy-four percent of which used it to watch television programmes.

It is not only videos that are drawing children to their tablets and away from their televisions. The web is being utilised by schools, meaning during the three hours a child spends on average per day online, they will often be doing homework in addition to using social media and playing games. Those aged sixteen to seventeen spent almost two hours longer online. An increase attributed to social media especially among girls.

Some have called this the ‘death’ of technology such as CD players, televisions and print magazines. Whilst this is being hailed as a form of wasted childhood by the more outspoken, the easy access to social media certainly provides a positive outlook on this change in technological habits. Would you rather have a child sit silently in front of a television or constantly be in constant contact with their friends?

Whatever you use your tech for, PurpleJelly is here with a range of IT support services in the Surrey and Hampshire area. We are dedicated to providing smart IT solutions so why not get in contact to find out how we could help you today? Contact our friendly and professional team today by calling 01252 856 239 or emailing [email protected] to further discuss our services with us.

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