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IT Support Company Berkshire: How This New App from Samsung Helps Protect Children’s Eyes

IT Support Company Berkshire - Samsung

IT Support Company Berkshire: How This New App from Samsung Helps Protect Children’s Eyes

As a trusted IT support company Berkshire, PurpleJelly are dedicated to helping local businesses stay safe from security threats and keep their computers running at full efficiency without having to worry about computer issues. Computers, like all tools, have both benefits and risks, and can often cause harm if not properly used; the safe operation of computers, networks and mobile devices is something our team is a big supporter of, which is why we were excited to hear about Samsung’s new app, Safety Screen.

The use of smartphones and apps are on the rise, and this is not just amongst adults – children regularly use mobile devices to keep themselves entertained by doing things like watching videos and playing games, often for extended periods of time. As children become engrossed in activities, they can often end up holding devices far too close to their faces which can cause eye strain and, it’s claimed, can even harm young developing eyes. 

To combat this, Samsung have developed a new app called Samsung Safety Screen (which is available for free on Google Play for Android devices) to help mobile users keep devices a safe distance from their eyes to help prevent possible damage. The app uses a device’s front camera as well as advanced facial recognition software that is able to detect when the device is too close to the eyes; when this happens, an animation with a cheerful mascot pops up and suspends the screen until the device is moved back to a safer distance.

Of course, this app is mainly aimed at children (and includes a function that allows parents to password enable it), but this doesn’t mean that it can’t be used by people of all ages who find themselves getting too close to their screen far too often and wish to do something about it.

PurpleJelly are a leading IT support company in Berkshire who work closely with local businesses to ensure that their data is properly protected and networks stable. If your company is in dire need of some first class IT solutions then allows us to rescue you today – all you need to do is contact our friendly team by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing us at [email protected] and we’ll help resolve all your IT woes.

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