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IT Support Company Hampshire: How Windows 10 is Revamping the Blue Screen of Death

IT Support Company Hampshire - Blue Screen

IT Support Company Hampshire: How Windows 10 is Revamping the Blue Screen of Death

As a leading Hampshire IT support company, PurpleJelly are here to assist you with all your business computer woes and network mishaps. As experts in their field, our professional team are always sure to keep up to date with the latest support issues and operating system updates so that we can best assist our clients when any problems occur. We’ve already told you about how keen Microsoft are to have you adopt Windows 10 but what you might not know about are the tweaks and improvements to their blue screen of death (BSOD) page.

The average user has never really understood the information presented on older Blue Screen of Death messages, which are notoriously confusing for those of us who aren’t IT support technicians, and newer operating systems since Windows 8 have dispensed with giving any information at all, save for error codes that can be searched for online.

Trying to google the error codes normally presented doesn’t always help either, and sometimes you end up having to trawl through pages of misinformation, something which is made a lot more tedious when you weren’t simply able to copy and paste it, and instead had to manually enter the code to search for it.

It looks like Microsoft is trying to rectify this, as the latest insider preview build of Windows 10 (14316) looks like it’s aimed at being more user friendly, as the company has previously stated that error codes are generally meant for developers rather than regular users. In order to implement this, the BSOD now includes a QR code along with the error code which allows users to scan and search for help articles on a smart device such as a phone or tablet, which they can do while their computer is restarting and the system rebooting.

At the present time the QR code just redirects smartphone users to the site, the rather generic resource for Microsoft bluescreen troubleshooting; some users have also noted that the code often disappears too quickly for them to actually make use of it due to the automatic reboot Windows 10 defaults to initiating after a BSOD. However, as this has only recently been released, hopefully the next update that includes this feature will have more specific and therefore useful QR codes.

PurpleJelly are a first class IT support company operating in Hampshire, Surrey, and the surrounding area. Our highly professional and friendly team are dedicated to helping businesses in need of specialist computer support and will work with you to keep your systems up and running. If your business could use our fast and efficient IT services then contact us today by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected] and our team will discuss what options are available for you.

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