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IT Support Farnborough: Windows 10 Mobile?

IT Support Farnborough - Windows 10 Mobile

IT Support Farnborough: Windows 10 Mobile?

As a local business that offers top quality IT support to Farnborough and the surrounding area, PurpleJelly are always making sure that we stay on top of the latest news in the tech industry so that we can pass on any relevant news to our clients, as well as ensure that we give their computers the best possible care and protection. The important news of the week is that of the Windows 10 Mobile OS (operating system) and the various tweaks and improvements that are being seen in its latest updates.

With Microsoft’s release of the new inside beta build 14267 (from 10586), Windows 10 Mobile is now almost on par with the desktop operating system, with the two sharing many key features.

One of the notable additions to the new mobile build is an enhancement to Cortana, which allows the digital assistant (Microsoft’s answer to Siri) to pick up and identify background music – this new music search function can now be accessed via an icon in the top right of the app.

There are also a number of improvements to Microsoft Edge: Word Flow can now be used in the mobile browser’s address bar, and the layout has had a slight shift so that it’s now easier to open InPrivate tabs as well as cancel unwanted downloads.

Something that will excite many keen smartphone users is Windows 10 Mobile’s improved multitasking, which has doubled number of apps the OS can simultaneously support from 8 (in the previous build) to 16, meaning that more apps can be simultaneously run before the device begins to close them down in the background. Unfortunately, there’s no word on how this improvement affects battery life.

If you’re waiting with bated breath for the full version of Windows 10 Mobile to be released, then you may just have to wait a little longer! Microsoft originally promised that the upgrade would be ready by December 2015, though this was pushed back to January, and subsequently February. The exact date for the update release is unknown (as well as whether Microsoft will delay release yet again), but unconfirmed rumours state that the upgrades will begin to roll out February 29th – fingers crossed! Our IT support Farnborough team can’t wait!

If you wish to know more about compatible devices for the Windows 10 Mobile Insider preview, Microsoft have provided more information here.

If things are all getting a bit too technical for you, and your business could really use some intelligent IT solutions in Farnborough and surrounding areas, then PurpleJelly are here to help! Our skilled team are always ready to assist local businesses with all your IT network and security woes, so you can stay up and running without having to spend time worrying about technological mishaps! If you want to spend your time on your business and not IT disasters then why not call PurpleJelly today on 01252 856 230, or email us instead at [email protected] – we’d be happy to help you with any questions!

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