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IT Support Services Surrey – The Battle against Bad Ads

IT Solutions Farnham - PurpleJelly - Block Ads

IT Support Services Surrey – The Battle against Bad Ads

At a leading IT support services Surrey based company such as PurpleJelly, we are as dedicated to keeping our clients safe and secure online as we are to providing first class IT support to local businesses in the Surrey and Hampshire area. We therefore make sure to keep up with the latest news concerning online security.

Even if you’ve since sought shelter with the appropriate blocking tool, everyone has experienced an annoying advert online. Whether it’s a fake weight-loss tip or a noisy video tucked at the bottom of a page, these ads are becoming more numerous and it’s up to the search engines to stop them if they’re malicious. Google has recently reported they have over a thousand people working on rooting out the ads placed with bad intentions. The statistics published in a recent post on their official blog shows the sheer magnitude of harmful adverts Google has to remove from the web.

In 2015 alone, Google removed seven hundred and eighty million ads for violating their rules as well as adding new policies to combat current and potential trends. Counterfeit goods, pharmaceuticals and weight-loss regimes were picked up as some of the greatest problems of 2015. Google banned over twelve and a half million ads that were intended to mis-sell medical products. These fake or incorrectly labeled products could have proved dangerous to the user if taken as a cheap alternative to prescriptions. By removing the adverts, Google potentially prevented a great deal of harm. If you’d like to know a little more about their ongoing battle with bad ads, why not check Google’s article here? The sheer number of ads is quite shocking!

If you are after a safe and secure IT experience, why not get in contact with your local IT support company Surrey PurpleJelly? Call us at 01252 856 230 or email us at [email protected] and our team of experts would be happy to answer any enquiry you might have.

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