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IT Support Surrey: Free NHS WiFi in the UK

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IT Support Surrey: Free NHS WiFi in the UK

At IT support Surrey company PurpleJelly, we always endeavour to deliver first class IT support to local businesses in Surrey and Hampshire and aim to keep up to date with the latest tech news so we can pass this information along to our loyal customers. We’ve already spoken about the threat to public WiFi in Paris (which you can read about here) but it seems as though the NHS has plans for the opposite here in Britain.

‘Internet’ may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hospitals, but Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has announced plans to bring free WiFi to all NHS buildings by 2020. This move received the go-ahead after recommendations from government reports on improving the use of technology within the health service, as currently most NHS buildings either charge for WiFi or do not offer it at all. Costs for this initiative are expected to be covered by part of a £1billion technology fund.

Free WiFi across the NHS is expected to make it easier for patients to stay in contact with friends and family (hopefully leading to a decrease in visits) as well as keeping them entertained during notoriously boring hospital stays and waiting periods. Patients aren’t the only intended users of this increased coverage with use of e-prescriptions and digital medical notes set to decrease medical errors by up to 50% according to the department of health.

This ease of sharing data and patient notes amongst medical staff is the first step towards the NHS becoming a leader in digital healthcare, as well as becoming paperless by 2020. Of course, with the storage and transmission of such vital and private personal information, the NHS needs to ensure that they have sufficient security in place in order to properly protect patients’ confidential data.

PurpleJelly a leading IT support Surrey company offering a range of IT services to businesses in Surrey and Hampshire, aiming to deliver professional results fast. If you’re looking for intelligent IT solutions from an experienced and friendly team, why not contact us today to discuss your problems by calling 01252 856 230, or emailing [email protected] – we’d be happy to help with any enquiries.

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