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IT Support: Windows 10, end of the Line?

Business IT Support Hampshire - Windows for Web

IT Support: Windows 10, end of the Line?

As one of Surrey’s leading IT support companies, here at PurpleJelly we always aim to keep abreast of current developments in the technological world, especially so that we can pass this information along to our customers. Something that we have been following with interest is news from Microsoft regarding their newest operating system and any developments thereof.

Following the recent news from Microsoft regarding their next operating system Windows 10, which is due to be released in July 2015. (see our previous articles related to the benefits of Windows 10 here and here) Microsoft has confirmed (at a recent press conference) that they have no plans to ever produce a Windows 11. Instead they plan to focus their efforts solely on Windows 10. However, this does not spell the end for Microsoft operating systems as a whole.

Microsoft believe that providing a steady and ongoing stream of frequently improved updates for Windows 10 will provide a better user experience (U.X) to their customers than if they were to continue their current practice of developing and releasing a brand new operating system every few years. Microsoft’s current scheme has been viewed with scrutiny; it can take years to create a new operating system, and the finished product can often end up outdated even before it is released due to the fact that it was designed and envisaged with “current” needs and desires from several years ago.

This shift to refined software updates is indicative of many businesses’ focus on mobile users and the subsequent adaptation of products gives an audience a relatable interface they may feel accustomed to. Those with mobile internet these days (which is certainly a large proportion of the population) are accustomed to their apps regularly updating, with something the company who provides the updates has predicted the customer will benefit from when it comes to desktop features. It is, after all, much easier to adjust to smaller changes over a greater period of time than it is to find your way around an entirely new operating system; notably, the drastic shift between the functionality of Windows 7 and 8 has been cited as partly why the latter operating system was received so poorly in comparison to its predecessor.

This new direction in company practise implies Windows 10 will operate more like a service than product, and thankfully there has not yet been talk of introducing a sub-sequential service charge or subscription fee Windows 10 updates, although at such early stages it is impossible to rule this out as an eventuality.

What these developments means for Microsoft as a business is uncertain; support for Windows XP has been discontinued and Microsoft seems keen to drive customers away from the ever-popular Windows 7 and towards later versions of the operating system. If Microsoft doesn’t deliver the functionality and user experience promised in Windows 10, customers might defer upgrading to Windows 10 and due to the customers familiarity with previous practise (simply waiting for a later version to be released), Microsoft might loose customers. This said, if you consider that all future operating system development efforts will be funnelled into providing updates to Windows 10, businesses may benefit in that they will have the option to simply wait for an update that they would prefer to implement, instead of less specialised software packages.

So it seems the biggest issue at hand for businesses will be the possibility of a service charge being introduced for Microsoft 10 use at a later date. Since Microsoft has not explicitly ruled this charge out, it seems the best course of action for businesses is to remain up-to-date and informed regarding Microsoft 10’s upgrades and its install ramifications, something we here at PurpleJelly are all too keen to continue investigating.

PurpleJelly are one of the leading IT Support Companies in Surrey offering intelligent business IT Support in Guildford, Woking and the surrounding areas. If you are looking for a new IT Support Company then get in contact today by calling us on 01252 856 230 or send us an email to [email protected] – we’d love to discuss your IT needs.

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